European Journal of Clinical and Biomedical Sciences

Volume 5, Issue 1, February 2019

  • On the Urinary Excretion of a Substance as Predicted from the Substance-to-Creatinine Ratio

    Sergio Santana Porbén, José Reynaldo Salabarría González, María Del Rosario Liriano Ricabal, Susana Quiñones Vázquez

    Issue: Volume 5, Issue 1, February 2019
    Pages: 1-4
    Received: 4 December 2018
    Accepted: 15 January 2019
    Published: 31 January 2019
    Abstract: Equations predicting the urinary excretion of a substance of interest have been developed from a deterministic model linking substance-to-creatinine ratio with expected creatinine output for sex and age. Developed predictive equations show ≥ 80% accuracy and ≥ 90% agreement with traditional, established methods recurring to 24 hours urine collectio... Show More
  • Determination of the Ankle-brachial Index in Type 2 Diabetic Patients with an Automatic Oscillometric Device

    Aurelio Sessa, Italo Paolini, Carlo Fedele Marulli, Antonino Di Guardo, Gerardo Medea

    Issue: Volume 5, Issue 1, February 2019
    Pages: 5-8
    Received: 19 February 2019
    Accepted: 30 March 2019
    Published: 18 April 2019
    Abstract: An altered ankle-brachial index (ABI) is an indicator of peripheral arterial disease (PAD). Usually the measurement of the systolic pressure in both brachial arteries and pedal pulses is performed with a continuous-wave Doppler ultrasound. Recently an oscillometric automated device is available to measure ABI. This instrument is a simple to use, fa... Show More
  • Hepatitis B and C Surface Antigens and Typhoid Fever in Voluntary Non – Remunerated Blood Donors in Abakaliki, Nigeria

    Unah Victor Unah, Eze Emmanuel Aniebonam, Lerum Nathaniel Isaiah, Egbe Kingsley Andrew

    Issue: Volume 5, Issue 1, February 2019
    Pages: 9-15
    Received: 14 February 2019
    Accepted: 21 March 2019
    Published: 22 April 2019
    Abstract: Infections due to Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C Viruses (HBV and HCV) are worldwide significant problems in public health. This cross-sectional and comparative study was carried out to evaluate and compare the prevalence of HBV, HCV and typhoid bacteria among voluntary non-remunerated blood donors in Abakaliki, Nigeria. A total of 307 voluntary non-r... Show More
  • Columnar Cell Variant of Papillary Thyroid Carcinoma: A Clinicopathologic Analystis

    Zhang Gang, Zhao Xing, Sun Jirui, Zhang Jinku, Zhang Jinzhuo

    Issue: Volume 5, Issue 1, February 2019
    Pages: 16-20
    Received: 14 October 2018
    Accepted: 21 January 2019
    Published: 8 May 2019
    Abstract: Background: Papillary Thyroid Carcinoma (PTC) is the Most common thyroid malignancy disease, and it is more common in females. It happened in any age. Mean age at diagnosis is approximately 40 years old. There is history of neck irradiation in 5–10% patients. And non-neoplastic gland may show nuclear aberrations as a result. There is increased inci... Show More
  • Healing Rate of Ruminal Incision in Sheep After Single Dose Effect of Low Level Laser Therapy

    Qayes Taref Ali, Ahmed Kadhim Munahi, Mohammed Mahdi Yaseen, Raed Gahat Mehjal, Hassan Al-Karagoly

    Issue: Volume 5, Issue 1, February 2019
    Pages: 21-26
    Received: 21 November 2018
    Accepted: 22 December 2018
    Published: 11 May 2019
    Abstract: To assess the effect of single dose of low level laser therapy on ruminal healing after rumenotomy, twelve male Awassi local sheep weighing (30 ± 5) Kg and aging (10 ± 2) months, the animals were divided randomly into two groups, (treatment and control groups) each group include six rams equally, collection of venous blood for total white blood cel... Show More